Meet Suck It Fruity

Thank you for a wonderful summer market season.  We we delighted to serve every Sunday in Palisade, and so grateful for a variety of opportunities to expand.  In fact, we're working on expansion now, and you can expect to see us out and about this winter.  We'll be selling in Montrose, January through April.  Keep an eye on Instagram for more!

You can find us there as @SuckItFruity! 

Fall & Winter 2022

Keep an eye out for us on Instagram @SuckItFruity.


We are planning to attend some special events late November and early December here in Grand Junction. 

We'll be selling this winter in Montrose, January through April, 2023!

We are also available for special events (parties, weddings, etc.), and would  be tickled to sling some happening fermented fruit drinks wherever you are!

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We are grateful for all of you who came out, tried our fermented fruit drinks, and those of you who kept coming back.   We also appreciate the peaches and nectarines from Early Morning Orchards in Palisade, and apples from Apple Hill Farms in Grand Junction.  We were thrilled to work with Junktown Cinema Club for the Grand Junction Film Festival and we hope to collaborate more next summer.  Suck It Fruity is committed to local food networks and products, as well as partnerships with local groups to improve the well-being, health, and experience of all of us here in the Grand Valley.   

We will be expanding over the winter, and we'll be back in Palisade for 2023: every Sunday, June through October!

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Thank you for a wonderful Palisade Sunday Farmer's Market!